Lisette Hunziker, called s'Lisettli, the well-known landlady of the wine bar Hunziker at Spalenberg 5. Her father Jakob had acquired the restaurant in 1888.
After his death, in 1909, his wife and two daughters continued to run the popular restaurant. The mother retired in 1922. Later Lisette Hunziker took over the wine tavern on her own. The long, narrow room offered space for 35 guests. It was frequently visited by all social classes - from craftsmen to professors. People liked the cosy, quiet atmosphere in the restaurant. In 1963, the highly esteemed landlady closed her wine tavern to retire, at the age of over 90. Since 1975, the former tavern has been replaced by the Hotel Basel. With the Lisettli-Stübli, the Hotel Basel keeps alive the memory of the former innkeeper.

Book the rustic Lisettli room for up to 20 people for a business dinner or a birthday party. The Lisettli is suitable for many occasions - cosiness is guaranteed.

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