Art exhibitions in the lobby

Kati Rickenbach shows experienced &  recorded stories from New Delhi. Her illustrations in the book "Rabenmutter" with words by Nathalie Sassine, gives gloomy and scary insights of her studio in Zurich. She will also draw visitors of the hotel live at the vernissage on site.

Kati Rickenbach, born in Basel in 1980, likes to draw comics as an illustrator. She lives in Zurich and works in the STRAPAZIN studio. Her first book "Filmriss" was published in 2007 by Edition Moderne, her second autobiographical "Jetzt kommt später" was published in spring 2011. She published her stories in "Orang", "STRAPAZIN", "Flitter", "Two Fast Colour", "Blutt" and the stories of a Basel women in Zurich in "züritipp". Exhibitions in Lausanne, Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Ravenna, Erlangen, Berlin, Zurich, Basel and New Delhi. Live performances together with musicians, lyricists, other artists, at readings, events and in schools.