Tattoo Violinschlussel


Fondation Beyeler:
"Claude Monet"
january 22 - may 28, 2017
To mark its twentieth anniversary, we are presenting one of the most important and best-loved artists: Claude Monet. The exhibition will be a celebration of light and color, illustrating the artistic development of the great French painter from Impressionism to his famous late work. It will feature his Mediterranean landscapes, wild Atlantic coastal scenes, different stretches of the Seine, meadows with wild flowers, haystacks, water lilies, cathedrals, and bridges shrouded in fog.


Museum Tinguely:
"Stephen Cripps. Performing Machines"
january 27 - may 01, 2017

The oeuvre of British artist Stephen Cripps (1952-1982) was highly innovative and experimental. His works developed out of an interest for kinetic sculpture and machines as well as from a fascination for the poetic potential of explosion and destruction. Until his early death Cripps built machines and interactive installations and realised pyrotechnic performances. With his performative and multisensorial artistic practices he focussed primarily on experiments with sound. He pushed the boundaries with his radical performances, many of which even now would be unthinkable due to their potential danger to the audience and their immediate surrounds.